• A clean ATM reduces downtime and improves the customer experience!

    We offer cost effective ATM Cleaning Kits that are specially designed for bank employees and field technicians

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  • Improve Your Transaction Completion Rate With Our Gold Standard Cleaning Card!

    Our S|M|A|R|T Cleaning Card excels in the cleaning of Chip & Pin, EMV and Mag Stripe readers.

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  • We Are Compliance Ready… Are You?

    2015 will see the implementation of Globally Harmonized System (GHS) regulations worldwide.

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  • Keep Your Transactions Clean.

    Cleaning products designed for check scanners, currency counters, ATMs, security access card readers, sensitive screens, and other devices.

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  • Operational Efficiency Makes Everyone a Winner.

    With the growing popularity of destination casinos and gaming institutions, comes the increased demand for safe, clean and efficient equipment.

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  • Your Customers Notice If You Don't Clean.

    You pride yourself on delivering goods and services to your customers in a clean and efficient manner. Check out our Hospitality Industry collection of technical cleaning products.

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  • Don't Break the Supply Chain.

    Use products designed for thermal printers, sensitive screens, bar code printers / scanners and other devices to ensure operational efficiency and reduce downtime and maintenance costs.

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  • Keep Your Lines Short and Customers Happy!

    Find cleaning products designed for POS, EMV, kiosk, time clocks, ATM’s, gas pumps, sensitive screens, and receipt and label printers.

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  • Cleaning Keeps Things Moving.

    Whether you are going by plane, bus, ship, truck or mass transit, the Transportation Industries use a wide array of devices to maintain speed and efficiency.

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Cleaning Experts for Transactional and Printing Devices

KICTeam is the world leading expert in technical cleaning with a focus on transactional devices. We design, manufacture and educate the market on cleaning regimes and disposable tools which increase device efficiency and ultimately improve the customer experience while reducing maintenance costs.

We work with users to understand their problems, analyze their operation and device portfolio and recommend the right program to reduce device errors and failures. Our proprietary Waffletechnology® cleaning tools, in conjunction with our application specific Envanish™ solutions, are the foremost products approved by OEMs to ensure the productivity and extended life of their technology.

The Importance of Cleaning

In today's world, everyone depends on their technology to transact with and service their customers. Any device that does not work properly will slow down or prevent them from doing business. And they lose time and money. Estudos têm demonstrado que, frequentemente, os dispositivos não estão quebrados, apenas sujos.

The Link between Dirt and Dysfunction

Dirt, grime and environmental impurities build up in pathways and on sensors, lenses, belts, rollers and sensitive friction and landing pins (EMV) cause high rates of transaction failures, jams, errors, and misreads. The simplest, most cost effective way to correct this is cleaning. In field testing, regular cleaning and maintenance has been shown to reduce device downtime and repeated service calls. Clean, functional equipment is known to aid with these business consequences:

  • Fallback penalties
  • Chargebacks
  • Poor transaction speed
  • Reduced or halted device performance
  • Service costs
  • Elevated processing fees
  • Device replacements
  • Falling customer retention and loyalty

Our products remove dirt, dust, oils and other contaminants from a wide range of devices better, faster and easier than any other method.

O que é Waffletechnology®?

Waffletechnology® (patented in US, Canada and Australia) cleaning cards dramatically outperform flat cleaning cards. Our unique cleaning card design allows anyone to easily and safely maintain devices without opening the equipment or damaging critical sensors. We strategically place spring loaded waffles on our cards, specific to a device or OEM, to reach and safely add pressure to lenses or sensors, effectively cleaning them. The waffles caress the contacts and apply a cleaning solution, then wipe off the solution and dirt, leaving them clean and in working order.